With the addition of Spike & Dru to our happy little family, NOTHING is safe.  Not even my favorite new toy, a crinkly paper toy they got me from Petco for Christmas.  I play with it for hours and when I am not playing with it I put it safely away in her shoe.  If you leave anything in the vicinity of the two hellions:



they steal it and ruin it with their dog breath and slobber.  However, my good friend Andrew protects my toy for me while he looks on the two with disdain.

Andrew protecting the favored toy


Well, I’m back! It’s a new year and we have a new blog site.  One of the many reasons there hasn’t been any posts recently is that our Blogger site got hit with so many spam comments we had to move to a new host.  Who knew cats would be interested in Viagra?

So what’s been going on in our feline world?  For starters, let me just say for the four of us December is  a BAD month.  They were hardly ever home between work, birthdays and Christmas.  Then when they were home, they were so busy with their store fulfilling orders they barely remembered to feed us, much less pay any attention to us.  Finally, Christmas came and they disappeared to the family home all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   We saw them in the morning as they threw food at us and then late at night as they stumbled in to go to bed.  

Finally, the 26th came!  This is traditionally a day of resting and lots and lots of lap time.  But something was wrong right off the bat.  They were up and showered at 5:00AM and once again food was thrown at us as they stumbled out the door.  We didn’t see them again until 10PM when only one of them came back.  She was feeding us and mumbling something about “It’s going to take some getting used to, but in the end you guys will grow to love them.”  We tried to continue eating not focusing on the fact that one was gone and who were we going to “love”, until George looked out the back door.  The other one was out there in the dark and pouring rain and she was being attacked by little demons.  George, being the great protector, threw himself at the glass door howling.  Then the one inside said “No, it’s ok.  They are coming inside”.  WHOA, THEY’RE WHAT????????  And this is what walked in:

They’re D-O-G-S!!  Not one dog but two dogs!!! And they’ve been living in my house for two weeks.  I think they’re staying.  At first maybe I thought they were visiting for the holidays, but they seem pretty entrenched and the traitors don’t seem to be willing to take them back from where ever they came.  Their names appropriately enough are Spike and Drusilla and trust me they came straight out of the Hell Mouth!!!

My other three fellow felines have been much more accepting of the arrival of the demons.  However, I am not taking too kindly to MY PERSON fraternizing with dogs.  Since I have faced the fact Spike and Dru are staying I am trying to accept but I really want things to go back to the way they were.

Is this not the most hideous, ghastly thing you have ever seen?

Owly Images

How could anyone even think of bringing that inside?? They say it’s my nephew, son of my so called sister, but I can’t be related to anything so ugly. And I don’t want to hear about how she and I are the spitting image of one another! See? No resemblance – so called sister on left, me on right.

But you know what I saw?? Through the window I saw them pick it up and ooh and aah over it like they think it’s the cutest thing they have ever seen.

I know they are planning to bring the monster inside but I put the word out to the sis that she better get her offspring out of the yard and not bring them back. I told her that she and “the family” abandoned me and they owe me.

I’m not big on sharing or competition by the way!

They’ve been cooking for their other blog, Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, and we wanted to help.

You would not believe how picky they are about who they allow in their kitchen!

But you know what? We know their weak spots – how to get around their defenses.
All except Gretel, the grey diva. She would like everyone to know that just because she has a female gene somewhere in her DNA, she doesn’t do domestic stuff.
She has humans to do that for her!

The pressure of living with three male cats has gotten to Miss Gretel and she has turned to drugs. Take a look at the size of those pupils. We need to stage an intervention and take the catnip away!

Andrew Eugene is a once in a lifetime cat. He is, for me, the greatest cat that ever lived. He never saw a stranger and loves everyone because he assumes everyone loves him; and so far, he has yet to meet someone who doesn’t love him. I will not be responsible for my actions for the first person who lets Andrew know that not everyone loves him.

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  • Karen Gberger: I hope you avoid the spammers over here! What a huge change it must be, to have canines in the house! They are cute, and I'm sure that you will hav
  • Kay: She is so pretty... I just love her coloring!
  • Jeanine: omg what a beautiful girl! she has a perfect coat (shows she's very loved, or very high, but either way she looks mahhvelous)! :)